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If you are thinking about buying a new home or a new car, you have likely thought about the how your home or auto insurance will be affected. Both are significant purchases that require adequate insurance coverage to make sure you are protected in an emergency. Just as mortgage lender or a auto loan lender has requirements to get you approved for a loan, insurance companies also have some requirements in order to get you insured.

The best way to make sure you have all the necessities for home or auto insurance is to call your insurer and ask for a detailed list of what they need. Having this beforehand will help you to be prepared and allow you to streamline the process. Here are just some things that your insurer may require:


For Auto Insurance:


In order to get a quote or finalize an insurance policy for a new car, you will likely need:

  • Driver’s licenses For All Names Covered Under Policy
  • Vehicle Information; year, make, model and VIN number
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Current Declaration Page: provides proof of a current auto insurance policy (when applicable)

In certain situations you may also be required to present:

  • A Voided Check
  • Paperwork For Potential Discount Verification: this may include proof of homeownership, report card for a good student discount, or proof of applicable memberships for discount

When looking for new auto insurance, you will also want to take a few key factors into consideration. A respected and reliable auto insurance company should know many of these details in order to help you choose the insurance that best protects you, while staying within your budget.

  • Know your state’s minimum insurance requirements
  • Have an understanding of your driving record and any tickets or deducted points which could affect your premium rate
  • Current auto insurance coverage and premium
  • Determine how much coverage you need in order to protect yourself and have peace of mind and what deductible is best


For Home Insurance:


Homeowners insurance is a crucial aspect of home ownership that is typically required in order to finalize a home loan. In order to secure a home insurance policy, you will likely need:

  • Information About The House: this can include the year it was built, appraised value, square footage, roof type and age, style of home, exterior materials, flooring, interior finishes, HVAC systems and ages, ages of plumbing and septic system, protective services such as smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors, swimming pools or other features on the property, fireplace, details on any renovation or repair, and more.
  • Information About Residents: this can include birthdates, contact information, social security numbers, employment verification, current home insurance coverage or claims, current auto insurance, pets in the home, smokers, home business information, details on personal property, and more

For a comprehensive list of information required for a new Las Vegas auto insurance policy or a new Las Vegas home insurance policy, contact us at Nevada Families Insurance today at (702) 830-0055. With extensive experience, we have the knowledge to help you find the best coverage without stress or worry.


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